Hank Setala has been a natural intuitive all his life but started working as a professional healer in 2008 when he started working part time as a Reiki healer and Reader.

In the years to follow he began to incorporate Aromatherapy and Sound Healing into his work with the desire to bring modalities together that addressed all aspects of being Body, Mind and Soul. He also started offering products online via an online store.

In 2012 he partnered with Melissa Wiles of Goddess Elite to create an event that bridged the gap from the metaphysical to the scientific which today is known as the Holistic Health and Healing Expo.

In 2018 he partnered with 2 others including Rian Dean of Empathic Healings to open the first Holistic Health and Healing Center of North Olmsted which has become a hub in the community giving practitioners an affordable way to build their business and connecting them to clients in the community seeking healing.

The theme through it all was the spirit of cooperation over competition, creating a space where people could come together in collaboration to create more possibilities of how we can change our community and our world.

In each session, he believes that the person brings their own healing with them. He asks the right questions and runs energies that break down the limitations and judgments that bind us in the laws of duality and create the opportunity to step into the limitless wonder of the universe and inspires people to create their lives and actualize their own healing through awareness, acknowledgment, and choice.

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