A Taste of Access ~ The Power of Possibility

What is a Taste of Access?

These classes are free form and the way I teach them I always have a particular theme that I center the class around. Participants are invited to share experience and ask questions that direct the energy of the class to new possibilities.

I share tools from Access Consciousness and offer a sort of intuitive group facilitation using the tools and the clearing statement. Every class is recorded and participants get a complimentary copy so they can re-review the material presented.

Here are just some of the themes available.

  • Entities and In-laws dealing with the crazies
  • Relationships or creationships?
  • Creativity
  • Money Money Money!
  • The art of Actualization through Allowance
  • Being the question not the answer
  • Breaking Glass ceilings of limitation
  • Responding vs Reacting: Empowering your choice.

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