Stir Crazy Shamans

When everything changes, allow everything and choose possibility

What started as a joke at the end of a spirit lodge with my teacher Zane Curfman an entire new possiblity was born. With the scare of the COVID19 virus everyone found themselfs being home with alot more free time on their hands.

I though, why not start a daily live stream called the Stir Crazy Shaman. As I set to embark on this new inspiration, my brother on the Path Casey MacBride also found inspiration to do daily streams and though why not make it Stir Crazy Shamans.

Every day we offer what comes to us as inspirations and also follow the energy of our viewers by engaging with them to answer their questions or recieve their contribution to the conversation.

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The unique thing about what we are offering is that Casey was taught many shamanic principles directly from his guides and the spirit world. where I have had a more formal training in the way of an apprentiship program. As the concious conversation developes, it is clear to see that the inpirations that Casey recieved from spirit are quickly validated from Hank’s structured experience.

The take away is of course to trust your own inspirations. Even if you have not read it in a book or heard it from an authority figure, you are are you own greatest resource. Trust your knowing and embrace the fact that you know, that you know, that you know.

Join us!