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Being You Breakthrough

Helping the Emergence of Being through shadow integration, healing, and life coaching

Shadow Integration

Learning to embrace the parts of you where you hold the most shame, guilt and judgement .

Tree of Life Readings

A tarot reading with a message from your soul to you, what is stopping you and the alcemy to change it.

Energy Healing

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Life Coaching

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Being You Break through

Not sure where to start? Book your Being You Break Through Discovery call to ask your questions and get a taste of how hank works. These sessions are complementary. 


Book Sessions as you need them. Sessions are available in person out of our Westlake healing center, or virtually via zoom.  

Packages and Programs

Packages and Programs offer support inbetween sessions as well as additional resorces and ceremonies that are designed to help you fast track the evolution of the soul. 

About Hank

Hank Setala, the Sonic shaman, has been intuitive from birth, possibly due to a near-death experience. He tried to medicate his gift with alcohol, but in 2006 got sober and sought training through the School of Healing and Prophecy in Lily Dale New York.

From there, he went on to do deep dives into several traditions and modalities, including Aromatherapy, Sound Healing, Crystal Healing, NLP, Peruvian Shamanism, and Sanse. He is most known for the art of blending components from various modalities creating a customized experience for each client based on their needs. Coupled with life coaching, he helps people heal, refine and express their unique voice in this world.

Featured Appearnces

Mana the Crystal Skull

Soul Awakening - Lily Dale Radio

Let’s work together to create a foundation for your soul

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