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Energy Work
& Coaching

Energy work sessions can be combined with life coaching or stand on their own. You may request specific modalities if you like. However, it is encouraged for you to allow Hank to follow the energy and have the session be intuitive. 

You can book them as you go or sign up for a subscription to have monthly sessions at a discounted cost.


Tree of Life

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Mentorship and programs

Mentorship programs are one on one sessions bundled with shamanic ceremony, mesa work and pre-recorded videos to help fast track the evolution of your soul. 

Programs Include

  • A.S. I. F.O.R.G.I.V.E. M.E. Shadow Integration Program
  • Jump Start Program (30 days)
  • Blast Off Program (60 days)
  • Beyond Being (90 days)
  • Shamanic Mentorship (12 months) 
Need financing options? Book a clarity call to talk about your needs and we can design a custom program for you on a payment plan. 
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Have Questions?

Book a clarity call to cover any questions or concerns that you have. Hank can also create a custom mentorship program or on going subscription to fit your needs.