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Meet Hank Setala the Sonic Shaman

Born an Intuitive

During childbirth every time there was a contraction my heart would stop. The Doctors were afraid that they would lose both my mother and me. My mother had a near-death experience and years later I had awareness of my own experience while doing deep shadow work. 

After birth, the doctors found that the placenta had deteriorated and was surprised I had not been stillborn. 

I believe that it was this experience that gave me ease with accessing my intuition. I believe all of us have the ability to get information through that divine spark within us all where we are all one. 

One of my targets with anyone who I work with is to provide support for them to step into their natural abilities as a divine infinate being. 

Suppressing my abilities

Being intutive but not knowing that I was caused much chaos in my life, especially throughout highschool. As soon as I could legally drink I turned to alcohol as a way to turn my gift down. Ironically this had the opposite affect. Our mental faculties are diminished but our filter of what we allow in increase. My saving grace was the exposure to the works of Neale Donald Walches who wrote the Conversations with God series. The exposure to his work would lead to me later in 2008 2 years after getting sober to start putting myself in the public eye and start to serve humanity as a teacher and healer. 

He had just signed my book and was responding to a comment I made about starting to step into my knowing. He said, “If not you… Who? If not now… When”. I held my first event the following week. 

Fellowships of the Spirit

In 2008 from my first experience with a psychic reader I signed up for the 2 year School of Healing and Prophecy at Fellowships of the Spirit in LillyDale NY. In addition to the 2-year school, I studied with dozens of teachers. I had the desire to have a tool and technique for every situation addressing all aspects of existence body, being, and beyond. I have had the honor of learning from Some of the greatest teachers including Sig Lonegren, Patti Conklin, Sharron Klingler, Elaine, and Mark Thomas, Tom Cratsley, Dr. John Beurue, George Cox, Freddie Sylvia and so many more. 

Since the program, I have been asked back to facilitate classes as well as serving on the board of directors. 

The Multiplier Effect

I built my personal practice seeing clients daily. In 2012 I co-founded the Holistic Health and Healing Expo which took place annually until COVID-19. This showed me how creating and being able to impact many people at once could create a whole new level of possibilities. I sought to create a similar effect on a more personal level and created the individual and group programs. 

The Peruvian Tradition

Through a series of events, I was guided to don Zane Curfman the author of Inka Mountain Magic to learn how to use some stones that had been gifted to me. I went on to host annual programs and launched a virtual version in 2020. 

The unbroken tradition of the Q’ero gave a unique blueprint that could be applied to all other healing modalities I had learned and gave me the ability to help people fast track the change and possibility they are looking to create in their life.

Those in my coaching programs will find that its principles are heavily rooted in the South American tradition of the Q’ero. The root of my particular tradition “Katarie” is to empower people to be and express their unique voice in this world. More specifically to offer their unique medicine that can be of service to our fellow travelers. 

Thank you for being here!

"Source is all there is all at once in the ever-present moment of now. Simply choose who you are going to be, in creationship to your perceived reality and the universe will deliver to you opportunities to express that being through doing"
Hank Setala
The Sonic Shaman

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