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About Us

Our Story

When Hank was born, after every contraction, his heart and his mother’s heart would stop. The doctors were fearful of losing both the mother and the child. 

After the birth, they found that the placenta had also deteriorated, and it was a miracle that he was not stillborn. 

Many years later, in his shamanic work, there were insights into that experience of how he touched back in with divinity after incarnating, giving a unique and deep connection with the still small voice within. 

This connection allowed him to weather an animated childhood that would give him the experience of helping people heal from the wounds of childhood. 

Walking the spirtual path

As time evolved, the judgment of the awarenesses that he had became an emotional and energetic burden. He attempted to medicate his gifts by medicating them with alcohol. 

This continued until March of 2006 when he got sober. In 2008 he took a workshop with Neale Donald Walsh. Hank at the time was enrolled in a year-long life skills program and expressed that after completing it, he would be ready to start. As his book was signed, Neale simply said, “If not you, who? If not now, when?”

One month later, Hank formed started his first public offering as a Conversations with God discussion group and began getting his training in the healing arts at Fellowships of the Spirit in Lily Dale, New York.

This also leads to something he often tells clients “Don’t wait, create!” 

The evolution of being

The only thing that never changes is that everything changes. To this day, Hank is constantly learning and expanding his skill sets and knowledge base. Always looking at every interaction with a person and client as a sacred exchange of energy and knowledge. 

His foundation for his work came from Fellowships of the Spirit, one of the world’s most renowned schools for mediumship and healing. He also became A Reiki Master Teacher and took classes in NLP, Vibrational healing, biosonic sound healing, soma energetics. 

In 2016 Hank started apprenticing under Zane Curfman, the author of Inka Mountain Magic in the Paqo Kuna tradition of Peruvian Shamanism as well as Sanse. 

Following the Energy

Today, Hanks serves the community by coordinating and hosting classes and workshops, working in collaboration with Melissa Wiles, owner of Goddess Elite.

They established Transcendent Minds, which serves as an on-demand platform for learning, showcasing healers and teachers from around the world.

He is also a wholesaler and retailer of Natural Options Aromatherapy as well as Medivibe Tuning Forks. Tools that help quicken the healing process for the body, mind, and soul. 

Finally, from an inspiration from spirit in 2010, he established his shadow integration program A.S. I. F.O.G.I.V.E. M.E., which serves as a blueprint for people to take a deep dive into the depths of their being, illuminating the darkest and most hidden parts of their soul and embrace them so they can become the high octane fuel to propel you into possibilities. 

While Hank does do one-on-one work, his focus is on group facilitation and content creation to put the tools in the hands of anyone and everyone willing to receive and implement change for themselves and the world. 

Are you ready to start your healing journey?

Don’t wait! Create the change you have been looking for, and allow Hank to be a resource. You can book a complementary Being You Break Through call to discuss your individual needs and customized options to best serve you in healing, refining, and expressing your unique voice and gift into this world.