Hank Setala has had intuitive gifts his entire life possibly due to a near-death experience during childbirth. From 2003-2013 he worked in the banking industry in virtually every type of position from customer service to bank secrecy act compliance. In 2008 I started HHH and began to do healing work part-time having one foot in the spiritual world and the other in finance.

Even in the corporate world my colleges called me “The team healer” and many of my peers would come to me for different things going on in their lives. It was during this time I completed the 2-year training program through Fellowships of the Spirit in Lily Dale NY and co-authored the book Spirit Talks with Darlene DeStefano.

Hank has also studied with various teachers centered around native teachings most notably don Zane Curfman the author of Inka Mountain Magic and has hosted a year-long apprenticeship program since 2012 as well as trips to different sacred sites in the Ohio area.

In 2012 with the start of the annual Holistic Health and Healing Expo I transitioned from the banking world to do this work full time. The expo grew from 13,000 feet the first year to over 35,000 feet showcasing up to 135 vendors every year.

With the success of the expo, I have been featured in publications including Mimi Vanderhaven, Cleveland Magazine, Scene Magainze, Cleveland Women’s Journal, Buffalo Healthy Living Magazine, Hometown Showcase, and New Day Cleveland.

In 2018 he partnered with 2 others including Rian Dean of Empathic Healings to open the first Holistic Health and Healing Center of North Olmsted which has become a hub in the community giving practitioners an affordable way to build their business and connecting them to clients in the community seeking healing.

In 2020 He launched Transcendent Minds which is a new company offering a platform to distribute digital content such as classes, webinars and online coaching programs.

The theme throughout all of this is to be in the spirit of cooperation over competition, creating a space where people could come together in collaboration to create more possibilities of how we can change our community and our world.

Hank’s passion is to create the space for possibility and change in the world working with people one on one as well as creating larger scope programs that have the potential to impact the community and the world.