About HHH

In 2008 Hank had a vision during a meditation experience while thinking about how to brand himself as a healer and reader.

What came was a logo. No name, just a logo. The original logo pictured to the left was clearly 3 H’s connected in the center. Next came the name. At the time looking at the logo as something for his private practice he started as “Higher Healing by Hank” and opened his private practice.

In 2012 while talking with Melissa the owner of Goddess Elite a conversation started about creating a holistic fair that would bridge from the psychic fair world to incorporate all aspects of wellness from the metaphysical to the traditional.

HHH was re-branded to Holistic Health and Healing and the first expo was held that October. The show started as 13,000 square feet and now has grown to over 30,000 showcasing well over 100 exhibits.

Fast forward to 2018 he had a vision of handing the HHH logo to another person, following this vision the HHH center was born creating a holistic incubator In August of 2018 the center opened offering space to local practitioners to hold classes as well as office spaces for private clients.

The amazing changes and life progression that Hank has seen has been a thread in his healing work as well. Empowering people to step into their own being and to start living instead of just existing.

Healing is not always a cure, sometimes it is simply a change in awareness, and that change in awareness changes the trajectory of your life and allows you to heights you never though possible.