Access Classes

Access Consciousness Classes are offered around the world by various facilitators. The classes listed below are the ones that I personally can teach and represent just a fraction of what is available.

What is Access? Access is awareness of all there is in the absence of judgment about it. It provides energy processes and other dynamic tools to help someone get to a place where they can be in total awareness without getting stuck in a point of view of it being right or wrong. In this space, you can create more possibility in your life without the limitations of judgments.

In addition to the classes, I teach many classes are hosted at the Holistic Health and Healing Center in North Olmsted. We have held: The Foundation, The 3-day body class, Talk to the Entities and much more.

Are you looking for something in particular? Let me know and Hank can teach an introduction to almost any Access Consciousness topic Contact us to discuss your needs or if you would like to sponsor one of the classes below.

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Access Bar Practitioner Certification Training

This is typically an all-day training from 9:00 am to 6:30 pm. Instruction includes a manual, 2 laminated handouts and an MP3 recording of the lecture portion of the class. The morning is spent going through the manual and watching a short video from the founders of Access Consciousness Gary Douglas and Dr. Dain Heer.

The afternoon students will gift and receive 2 full bars sessions. Being a certified Bars Practitioner is more than just a healing modality, there are tools gone over in class that can enhance any other modality. In addition to the bars, the class also learns several other body processes including:

  • Exit Stage Left (To assist clients near the end of life)
  • Trifold sequencing (great for people with PTSD)
  • and the Thymus exercise.

A Taste of Access

Introduction class up to 4 hours on any topic excluding specialties)

CREATE! More Time, More Money, More Joy!

You don’t have to be a business owner to apply the concepts in this amazing book by Simone Milasas. What if your passion could be a source of abundance for you? What if everything you think you know about running a business or creating money actually created limitation?

In this 90 minute class participates will discover Access Tools they can use not only in business but their everyday life to break through limitations and actualize money and abundance with ease.

The class includes a mini manual and complimentary MP3 recording of the class.

How Different are You Willing to Be?

Are you being you? Are you camouflaging your brilliance to fit in? In this class we focus on breaking through the limitations we place on ourselves when we try to “fit in” to the “normal world” What if being you was being different, and being different is okay?

The class includes a 20-minute video presentation from the author of Pragmatic Psychology, class manual, and complimentary MP3 recording of the lecture portion of the class.

Out of the Box Taster

So what is the Out of the Box taster all about? It is about creating your life without limitation. How often are we taught as children to limit who we are, to care what other people think? How many times do we hold back our inspirations because we are afraid of being judged?

The out of the box taster goes over tools from Access Consciousness to start creating your life from the infinite possibles of the universe instead of the limited confines of the reality of duality.

Typically I facilitate this class with one other Bars Facilitator but I can teach it individually as well.

Get your Happy On

What if 99% of the stress an anxiety you experience every day wasn’t yours?

What if being joyful and creating with ease was your natural state?

What if you had superheros you could call on at any time to break through limitations?

What if you had a simple tool to determine if what you are choosing would create more possibility in your life?

Get Your Happy On addresses each of these giving you tools that you can create ease and joy in your life and step into more possibility by breaking through limitations.

How does it get any better than that?

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