Access Bars

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I offer Bars® classes on the 4th Saturday in the odd months from 9:00am-6: 30 pm. Don’t want to wait? I offer Bars® on demand during the week or you could host a class and get trained with a private group of friends. Contact me to discuss your needs.

What are the Bars®?

If you think of your brain like a computer, the positions you put your hands on are like folders. Each folder has a label or a theme. Some of them include: healing, control, money, creativity, joy, sadness, aging and more.

When the practitioner places their hands on them to opposing points (the folders) it creates a bar of energy between the two. This energy helps to dissipate all the thoughts, feelings, considerations, expectations, judgments the client has around that theme of energy. It is like opening that file folder, highlighting all the files that cause limitation in your life and delete them. This process helps you to step into new possibilities around that area of your life.

As a Bars® practitioner you could offer these sessions to family, friends as well as clients. On a more personal level, the tools given in the class go far beyond the actual Bars®. There are tools that if you were to use them could change every aspect of your life. You do NOT need to be a professional healer looking to work with clients to benefit from learning the bars.

In addition to the Access Bars® there are additional tools you learn in the class which include but are not limited to:

  • The Access Clearing Statement
  • Trifold Sequencing Body Process
  • Exit Stage Left Body Process
  • Thymus Exercise Body Process
  • Different questions and how to ask them to create change
  • Tools to deactivate your autopilot through life

And much much more.

Students also receive:

  • Spiral bound manual
  • MP3 Recording of the lecture portion of class
  • 2 laminated quick reference charts
  • Handouts with all the questions and useful clearings in a easy to access place
  • Invitations to participate in the monthly Access Clinic and practitioner only trades.

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