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The Health Muse is In

Cheryl Meyer is the host of one of the Voice America TV shows and is one of the top shows in her market. 

I was honored to be on her show! It was an amazing conversation weaving in elements of my battle with alcoholism and emerging through that to step into my authentic self and express that as the Sonic Shaman. 


Come Home to Your Heart

In 2018 I had the honor of doing a full moon guided meditation organized by Michelle Falcone. The final production included a studio interview with myself and Ronald Boyd

I was able to talk about the Katari Tradition of cross Cultural Shamanism that I learned from don Zane Curfman the author of Inka Mountain Magic and founder of Wild Hearts Medicine 

We also discuss the amazing qualities of crystal-healing skulls and their rich history. 

We end by offering tools that people can use to get started on their path to self-discovery and healing including tools from Access Consciousness 

I connected with Angie when I served on the board of directors at Fellowships of the Spirit in Lily Dale NY.

Angela is a registered medium and runs an amazing holistic center called Santosha near Buffalo.

In this talk, we talk about the things that hold us back from stepping into our own unique voice in this world.

Lily Dale Blog Talk Radio

The Fellowships Fireside Chat

Since the pandemic, Fellowships of the Spirit suspended in-person services and offers a key speaker every Sunday at 6:00 pm. I was selected to give the presentation on February 7th 2021 and once in June of 2020. 

I share a vulnerable moment where I was knocked off-center from a conversation with a friend and shared how I was able to move through that uncomfortable space and change it into a possiblity to grow. 

The Friday Focus

I am well known for my expertise in tuning forks. In my office, I have well over 500 and have come to appreciate virtually every tuning fork set in the market. I was interviewed on The Friday Focus by Jake Cunningham owner of White Dove Global Marketing.

We cover the basics of tuning forks, sound healing and the state of mind that is the most ideal for both the healer and the client. 

A new world a new possiblity

I was inspired to create an event to have people focus on something productive instead of the trauma and drama of the world. This 12-hour live stream gave me the opportunity to connect with people who are looked at as experts in their field.