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Holistic Health and Healing Intro

The Sonic Shaman Intro

Join the Conversation!

We broadcast to up to 8 social media destinations using StreamYard. This amazing software enables us to be interactive with our audience through comments. After we stream live the audio is uploaded to all the major podcast networks including iTunes, I Heart Radio, Google Play, Amazon Music, and more.

We love to bring people on that have a passion to support people stepping into their own personal power and build confidence to perceive, know, be and express their unique voice in this world

Beyond Being a Guest

Through the EOB (Emergence of Being) network we also love to collaborate to offer workshops, and programs to further inspire change and transformation to our audience. 

We deliver live classes via zoom or use our Stream Yard Software to pre-record content to make classes that can be purchased on demand. 

You can collaborate just for a class, or become a contributor and be more involved in content creation. What are the unlimited possibilities! 

Divine Reciprocity

What contribution could Hank or one of our other contributors at Emergence of Being be to your channel or business? We would love to contribute to your audiences and offer content, classes, and programs to your network. 

We embrace cooperation over competition and look to collaborate with like-minded individuals. and organizations.

Would you like to discuss the possibilities? Book a discovery call with Hank today! 

Can you create more in the world through Competition, or through Collaboration?

"When we pool our talents, abilities, visions, and dreams we can work together in collaboration over the competition to create the world we would all like to live in"
Hank Setala
The Sonic Shaman