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One-On-One Sessions

In Person at Goddess Elite

Join me every Thursday from 12:00pm-3:30pm for mini readings and healings. 

I offer my Tree of Life Readings, Golden Dawn Readings,  and mini introductory sound/energy clearing sessions. 

For deeper work, please visit me at my Westlake Office. 

In Person at Emergence of Being

Located in Westlake just minutes off the I-90 exit in the Aligned Health Center Building.

First time sessions include an additional 30 minutes for an intake and outtake to discuss your goals and potential ongoing work. 

First time clients can use the code “Welcome” for 25% off your first session.


Making a commitment to 5 or 10 packages reflects your commitment to change and willingness to work on yourself consistently. 

Book a package and get 10% off of 5 sessions or 15% off of 10 sessions, plus exercises to do in between sessions on your own and inclusion in my daily mesa work. 


Personal Development Programs

Individual sessions are perfect for those who want occasional and/or consistent support. 

The personal Development Programs are structured experiences and immersions to help you step into your soul blue print and fast track your shadow integration. 

In addition to the structured approach, you have one on one sessions built in, in addition to pre-recorded content to support you in between sessions. 

The programs are designed to be done in 30, 60, or 90 days but can be spread out to as far as 180 days to accommodate busy schedules or a slower pace of change. 


Rocket Start

Blast Off

Beyond Being

Have questions first? Book a Clarity Call