Reiki Classes

Today there are OVER 1000 different types of Reiki! With so much choice available why choose to learn Reiki from me? Well for one I would say to ask what your own knowledge is. What Reiki feels “lightest” to you. Ask the universe what style of Reiki, AND what teacher would create the most contribution and possibility to your life.

If the other 1000 types of Reiki creators out there are like me, when they originally had their Usui style Reiki it acclimated them to being in the flow of the universe. Ultimatly what this means if you follow the energy is that you are in the flow, and in communion with the universe. The universe is ever changing, and for each of us different things resonate.

Before I went to teach my first Reiki class, I got a whisper from spirit to look up how many different types of Reiki there were in the world. I started making a spread sheet. When I got to number 400, I finally got the message I could stop. I then got the message that “All of them are different, All of them are “valid”, All of them are a limitation, teach no limit healing”.

When I teach Reiki, I do so from the William Rand method who made Reiki available widespread across the world. I do this for a few reasons. First, I have learned from 4 different Reiki masters and his manual and methods resonate with me the most.

I teach both out of his workbook, and my own instruction manual. From my own manual I add in things from other modalities I feel may be a contribution to the student and to their own journey.

I also teach in a context to not put what you are learning in a “box” Reiki really is about being in the flow. It means after all “God guided life energy” If you are in the flow of source, and you live it, it is reasonable to assume that given time you would have your own healing modality. I encourage students to follow this energy and give additional tools to not get trapped into thinking “your way” is “the way” in order to always stay open to new possibilities, new inspirations, and be in a constant state of co-creation with the universe.

My Reiki Training

My first modality was Reiki. I was attuned to the Master Level in June of 2008 from Jan Huenstien in the Usui System.

Since I learned in 2008, there are no over 1000 different types of Reiki. Most everyone who created their own started with the original and then added their own voice.

I encourage you to do the same. In fact, Reiki means “God Guided Life Energy” It creates the energy space and awareness to follow your own knowing. It is no coincidence that so many people after taking it have their own “thing”

In my training from the shamanic world, I have also discovered that Reiki goes back much farther than the rediscovery by Dr. Usui. It has roots to Egypt as well as some of the tribal traditions of Russia. Throughout the processes, I incorporate these other schools of knowledge but clearly separate what comes from where. I also do the attunement process in two ways. The traditional way and another method using a technique called Karpuy from the Qero tradition of Peru.

Are you ready to learn Reiki without limitation? Ask for a class to be hosted or host one today!

Classes available:

  • Introduction to Reiki
  • Reiki 1
  • Reiki 2
  • Advanced Reiki Training
  • Reiki Master

Upcoming Reiki Classes

See below for upcoming Reiki classes. Don’t see a class? Consider sponsoring a class, or be sure to contact us to make us know you would like to take a class and we will add one to our upcoming lineup.

Reiki 1 & 2 Combined (You can also take the classes individually)