What is the clearing statement?

The Clearing Statement is a dynamic tool of change that helps people to step into possibility and smash through the barriers and glass ceilings of limitation. To the right is a video from the Access Consciousness Website with a video from Dr. Dain Heer going into a more depth explanation. 

If you would like to take a deeper dive into the magical world of Access I highly recommend booking my Story Telling Session where we transcend the trauma and drama of your story and lift you into a new world of possibilities! 

What is Possible?

What if you don’t have to be at 100% to change? What if you only require to desire it more than you don’t?

This is called the rule of 51%. All you need in your life is to desire the change more than you don’t. If you are at 51% that is enough to take the leap and invest in you to truly step into your unique voice in this world and have the confidence, courage, and commitment to express that voice in this world without fear of being judged. 

How does it get better than that?  

Ready to be the real you?

It can be tough to follow the impulse of the soul without it being influenced by other people’s judgments of how we should or shouldn’t show up in this world. 

How many of us choose certain things because it is the only way someone else can receive us?

How many of us do not choose things that express who we are because we are afraid of being judged, and even worse we judge ourselves because of how we were taught?

What if you being you is the greatest gift you could share with this world? What if you being your authentic voice would inspire others to shatter their limitations too? 

In the Being You Breakthrough session, get tools you can implement right away to help fast-track your journey to being, knowing, receiving, and expressing your unique voice in this world.