Crystal Skull Max

I had the honor of doing a concert with Crystal Skull Max with two other sound groups, Sonic Alchemy and the Gong Experience. We recorded it, however, it was just a hand camcorder so the sound is the stellar.. that being said all the attunements I did I also brought it up to the camera. If you watch the videos you will get the same benefit of these attunements.

The two things I did were 1. drawing an energy line between Max and each participant (including you since I did it to the camera) allowing you a way to connect to Max energetically and ask questions or get insights.

The second was a Karpay which is an energetic integration of all of maxes knowledge into your being. Listen, watch and enjoy.

Max is returning in October. If you would like to attend a similar concert in person visit to book your spot.

Concert Part 1

Concert part 2