Sonic Shaman Concerts

Sonic Shaman Concerts a combination of Ceremony and Sound

For years I have blended the ceremonies of the Paqo tradition of Peru and Sound healing.

Each concert has a theme, but the dynamic of the concert is unique for each group. Tapping into the energies of the Audiance I customize not only the ceremony I do, but also the concert itself weaving between the use of crystal bowls, toning, gongs, chimes, tuning forks and more.

With over a thousand different tuning forks, several crystal bowls, gongs, Didgeridoos, chimes and crystal signing pyramids there are infinite possibilities and combinations to meet the unique needs of each group.

Concerts are typically held the fourth Friday of the month at the Holistic Health and Healing Center. You can also schedule a private concert for you and your friends either at the center or at another place of your choosing. Contact me to discuss your unique needs.

Check out the schedule below to secure your spot at the next upcoming concert.