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Group Focus Sessions

Group Virtual Sessions

What To Anticipate

There are 2 types of group sessions. One on, or around the new moon which is focused on removing limitations that stop you from manifesting your desires in this world, and another by the full moon which is designed work with the heaviest aspects our body and being. 

All participants have a few moments to state their intentions with what they are looking to create, actualize and heal in their lives. In the full moon group sessions everyone is also asked to state one thing from their past that may require a soul retrieval or specific healing work.

Hank will then offer tools to help frame the intentions to create the greatest possibility using techniques from several modalities including NLP, Shamanism, and Access Consciousness. 

Recordings of the call are made available so participants can further anchor the energies and revisit what was covered in the session.

Hank will also do a customized ceremony and sound integration to further anchor the energies and give an optional process/ceremony for participants to do on their own to further personalize the experience and add potency to what the group is looking to create.