Individual Sessions

Services Offered

Intuitive Facilitation

In these sessions, I use my gifts as an intuitive to help lead us to the original wounds and flows of energy that cause things you do not desire to stop showing up in your world and shift to the space where you are willing to receive what you would like to see show up in your world. 

This is done using tools from Access Consciousness, NLP, EFT, and other modalities. 

Sessions are recorded so you can re-listen to them and get the added benefit of using the tools over and over again to help anchor you and shift you into new possibilities. 

Sessions are available from 15 minutes to up to 2 hours depending on how deep of a dive you wish to take. 

Tree of Life Readings

I combine my natural gifts of being an intuitive and my knowledge of esoteric wisdom including the  Kabballah to offer Tree of Life readings.

In this unique experience a deck is separated into 5 piles. The major Arcana as well as the 4 suites. One card is drawn from the major Arcana representing the message or aspect of the soul that is to be worked on. 

At the bottom, the pentacles or earth card shows what needs to be transmuted in the physical world to allow that soul aspect to manifest and actualize in your experience. 

The elements of air and water are what transmute the physical (and the present) into the future (fire). 5 additional cards can be drawn (2 cups, 2 water, and 1 fire) to give more clarity on what needs to shift.

Each reading session also includes a time buffer to do intuitive facilitation to help jump start and fast track the actualization and expression of your unique voice in this world.  This is a great place to start to get a blue print of where we can focus future work and sessions. 

Shamanism and American Folk Magic

I seamlessly blend the Paqo Kuna traditions of Peruvian Shamanism with American folk Magic to customize ceremonies to help fast track your path to the self actualization of the soul. Or help break you out of a fixed reality if you feel disempowered by the world around you. 

Services available:

  • Soul Retrieval
  • Reversal Ceremonies
  • Talisman/item empowerments
  • Soul Blue Printing Ceremony
  • Destiny Retrieval
  • House/Land Clearings
  • Personalized Ceremonies


Sound Healing

Regardless of if you can come in person, or need a virtual session sound healing can be incredibly transformative. 

Sound is one of the bridging modalities that transcends from the physical to the metaphysical. 

If you are booking a virtual session consider booking a discovery call first so we can discuss your situation and I can have the specific tools required ready to go. 

Other modalities can be blended in with sound healing to enhance your results. 

Ready For Total Change?

I have developed 30, 60, and 90-day programs that combine one-on-one sessions, with Shamanic Ceremony as well as pre-recorded videos that give you tools to use in between sessions. Click here to find out more.