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Individual Sessions

Flexible Sessions

It is important for me to charge what I am worth, it is also important for my services to be accessible to as many people as possible. That is why I have what I like to call Abundance Pricing.

If you need a lower-priced session use the codes heal10 – heal50 for up to 50% off your session. You can also add to your session cost by using the Abundance add-ons. 

Some people choose to pay less, some people choose to pay more, but everyone knows the value they are receiving. 

*Would you like to work with me but have special circumstances? Book a discovery call to discuss your situation.

Tree of Life Readings

These readings are direct and to the point. 15 minutes is all that is required. If you would like to combine the reading with sound healing and energy clearings a 30 minute session is also available. 

Emergence of Being Life Coaching

In these sessions we hone in on the real things that underlay the repeating energies of your life. We seek to bring clairty to what really needs to be worked on and give you assignments inbetween sessions to do your shadow integration to fast track your healing and soul journey. 


Energy Healing

In person or viritual we focus on healing through shamanism, american folk magic, sound healing, reiki and more. Elements of coaching may also be included if required, but the focus is more on the energy work. 

I strive to make myself available to as many people as possible. If you find yourself in a particular need based on a life circumstance please start by booking a discovery call to see if I have a custom program to meet your spiritual and financial targets. 

Ready For Total Change?

I have developed 30, 60, and 90-day programs that combine one-on-one sessions, with Shamanic Ceremony as well as pre-recorded videos that give you tools to use in between sessions. Click here to find out more.