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Global Bars Day

It all began with a question...

Gary Douglas asked a question one day that changed his life. “What would I like my life to look like?”

Not only did he ask the question, but he was also willing to be aware, and follow the energy to help him make choices that were in alignment with the life he desired to create. 

He was led to a channel for a massage therapist which lead to the discovery of 32 points on the head which we now call the Bars.  

He went on to channel classes, some of which have been transcribed into books like The How to Become Money Workbook and Right Riches for you

In the class manual, it says that the purpose of Access is to create a greater set of possibilities so that all of humankind can thrive. The tools of Access Consciousness do this by empowering you to know that you know. 

What Else is Possible?

Access has many tools including Access Bars that help to get to the core of an issue. One of the key tools is to be the question. Access teaches that questions empower, and answers disempower. You do not ask a question to gain an answer, you ask a question to gain awareness which in turn helps you to make a choice. 

Often times when Gary is asked a question in class about how to change something the answer is “Choice.” The fact of the matter is, that no matter how much you think things through, or feel things out, the only thing that really changes something is the choice and actions we take. Access teaches us to ask questions and has processing tools to remove blocks where we are not willing to be aware. 

POD and POC!

One of the most used tools in Access is the Clearing Statment.

They call this the magic wand that goes to the source of something and begins to unravel it. Many of the Access Consciousness books like Being you Changing the World by Dr. Dain Heer incorporate questions and the clearing statement. This is one reason that listening to them on Audible or audio format creates a dynamic experience while going through the texts. Of course, nothing can take the place of an in-person class, especially The Foundation which is always different based on the actual students and participants in the class. Regardless, learning to self process using the clearing statement is worth the investment of time and resources for the amount of change that it can create in your life. 

Heavy and Light

If I could give you just one more tool to take away today, is the tool of Heavy and Light. In everything that you do, Ask and be the question “If I choose this, how does my life feel like in 5 years”. After you ask the question just be still, and be aware. Do you feel lighter or heavier?

If you only choose what feels lighter, you will experience more lightness in your life, and you avoid things that may create limitations or hinder your ability to receive. As things show up in your life, don’t forget to use this other Access question that will fast track your possibilities even more… “How Does It Get Any Better Than This” No matter what just showed up, asking this question the universe will continue to deliver greater and greater experiences an possibilities. The question is, are you willing and able to receive? 

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