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My Reiki Story

The Crystal that Started it All

We all have a story. We have all had the experience of seemingly unrelated things weaving together a story of magic, miracles, and the possiblity that you simply could not make up. My story all began with an experience at a metaphysical psychic fair.

I believe it was around 2007 or maybe early 2008 that my Aunt Karen invited me to attend a Psychic fair. I had never attended one. In fact, I probably had some points of view about going as I was still impacted heavily from the indoctrination of the church and the fear of such things being the work of “evil” (today my concept of evil is unconsciousness or anti-consciousness chosen but that is a topic in and of itself).

My aunt was the perfect person to act as the bridge from my religious upbringing and the truth of what I knew, that we are all divine beings, that everything is source/God, and there is no punishment or hell other than our self-imposed separation from creator/oneness.

At this fair, everyone got a raffle ticket when they entered, or perhaps it was for getting a service. I don’t recall 100%. My aunt paid for a Reiki session for me because I was having back issues. I received it from our local celebrity Cindy Summer, and I was amazed how much better my back felt at the end. 

Goddess Elite & Lily Dale

After the fair, I got a phone call that I had won the raffle and drove to Goddess Elite to pick up my prize. It was a beautiful crystal point/cluster. To this day, I use it on my Altar and it became my master crystal for my Reiki Healing Grid. It has been included in almost every healing I have done since 2008, even when not being used directly. 

Perhaps a month or two into 2008, my aunt told me of a Lily Dale Medium coming to town hosted by CHEMAM (another huge part of my story for another time). We all took a class from Barbera Sanson who runs the Healing Temple at Lily Dale, and we all got readings. The last part of my reading was Barbera telling me “What does spirit really want you to know? Are you a healer?… YES!… Are you psychic?… YES!… Incredibly so, go to Lily Dale and get training.”

Reiki and Beyond

From here I signed up for Reiki I through Master level with Jan Hauenstein, and Spiritual Insight Training 1 and 2 at Fellowships of the Spirit, all within 4 months. This is also the month I officially started my business. I had gone to a workshop called Happier than God with Neale Donald Walsch. I told him I signed up for his year-long program and after finishing it, I planned on starting a discussion group. As he signed my book he said “If not you, who? If not now when?” I went home and started my discussion group. I signed up for the 2-year program to become ordained and the connections there led to me finding Peruvian Shamanism and eventually the tradition of Sanse. My life changed and continues to change beyond measure. 

An Invitation from yourself to yourself

It was no coincidence that I won the raffle, that I found the words from Neale Donald Walsh, that I discovered the power of Reiki, and embraced my gifts of healing and intuition, just as it is no coincidence that you found this article, or me. This is an invitation from your soul to you to consciously start choosing you. To choose the infinite you that you truly came to be. For me, that conscious journey was hugely impacted by learning Reiki and the possibilities it opened up for me.

I invite you to experience this for yourself. Click below to find out about the next upcoming Reiki class as well as my soon-to-be-released Reiki on Demand training. You can also work with me one-on-one. Truly what is possible in the space and willingness to receive, and in the energy of what is truly possible in this ever-present moment of now? 

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