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The Energy Behind Choice & Why it Matters

By Hank Setala

I was scrolling through my Facebook feed when I saw a post that caught my eye. I don’t know if the post itself was a “true” story but I am sure that the scenario in the post has been true for more than one group of couples.

In the post, it depicted a couple. A wife who always watched what she ate. She never went into the sun without wearing sunscreen. She exercised, did yoga and everything to “be healthy”

Her husband on the other hand smoked, ate whatever he wanted and never so much as a push-up. In their later years, the wife ended up getting skin cancer.

Of course upon hearing the news the women was in the energy of “Why me?”. She did all the things she was supposed to do and she is sick. The husband lived until the age of 81 and was told by the doctor he was in perfect health.

What is the real difference? The difference is in the point of view and belief behind the choice. If someone is making a choice out of awareness about what does or does not serve their body or their being, sometimes the energy seems counter-intuitive to what we would consider the “right choice”.

Are you choosing out of what will create possibility and contribution to your life or are you choosing out of fear that if you do not make a choice that something “bad” will happen? Truly if you are always choosing in awareness and ask questions about what you are choosing you may be surprised at what things you will choose.

The other element to this is that even though you know that your point of view and belief about something creates your experience of it we sometimes try to “spoof” the mechanism of creation. We say “that won’t happen” all the while believing in our core that it will.

The ability to follow the energy and make choices out of awareness and only choosing what feels light works only when you can be honest with yourself about what you are aware of. This awareness spans across different components of ourselves. To be in our full awarness we need to acknowledge all of what we know in our body, in our being and beyond. Awareness on all the levels creates a congruency and we can make choices that will only be a contribution to us on all levels.

How many times do we make choices about what to eat or what not to eat without asking our body what it would like? How many times do we not even acknowledge that our body has it’s own awareness and it’s own needs?

So next time you are choosing what to eat, what to wear, what actions to take in relation to an experience really ask your self what are you aware of in all levels of your existence, then make your choice from that awareness to create the most possibility in your life.