Invest in yourself and find, know, be and express your unique voice in this world and create the life you desire.

Types of Services

No mater where you are in your spiritual journey, I can customize sessions blending aspects from dozens of different healing modalities. Regardless of if you are looking for just a one time session, or looking to commit to regular sessions or one of the fast track programs, everything is designed to help you step into your potency as a divine being while also transmuting the heavy energies from the past into fuel for your future possibilities. 


Using tools from the Paqo Kuna Traditions of Peru, Hank draws on the opening of sacred space and experience in ceremony to fast track the impact of other modalities. 

Intuitive Facilitation

Hank is a natural intuitive from birth and honed his skills at Fellowships of the Spirit in Lily Dale New York. Using his intuition combined with tools from NLP and Access Consciousness  he creates a fast-tracked approach to life coaching. 

Sound Healing

Hank is a master sound healer. He has over 20 crystal bowls and over 5 hundred tuning forks, not to mention chimes, gongs, rattles, and drums.  In-person or virtual sound is a powerful accompaniment to any healing, as well as being able to stand on its own. 

Access Consciousness

Hank is a certified bars facilitator and CFMW (Certifiable F*cking Miricle worker of Access Consciousness.  Hank weaves the tools of Access Consciousness throughout his sessions and empowers his clients to use the tools outside of the sessions to fast track their progress while working on their own. 

Energy Healing

Hank is certified in dozens of different healing modalities including several types of Reik, Access Body processes, spiritual healing, and much more. He takes a “no limit” approach pulling from whatever modality or practice would create more. 

Crystal Healing

Hank was called to working with crystals, specifically crystal skulls to help with healing and information exchanges. He has over 60 different skulls all having unique abilities and information to help add potency to the healing journey. 

American Folk Magic

Hank is a trained Hoodoo which is a culmination of many different magical arts. Often called root work, this practice combines effortlessly with the Paqo Kuna traditions of Peru. When needed Hank can assist clients in magical workings for themselves or others, or more importantly show them that they are so powerful as an infinite being that in the right space no magical practice is truly needed. He looks at magic as physical representations of your intention which can help to fast track and add potency to the experience you would like to create for yourself and for the world. 


Hank believes that astrology is the autopilot of the universe, and the more conscious you are, the less it matters, but it never doesn’t matter. 

Using your birth chart and some simple metaphysical concepts entire sessions can be built around the energies that you are proficient in, and the energies that are in need of balancing. Combined with ceremony and sound healing (specifically the planetary tuning forks)

You can add a birth chart, report, and interpretation/evaluation to any healing.

One-On-One Focus Sessions

Focus sessions can be booked as you would like them in 30 minutes, 60 minute, or 3-hour slots. They are intended for people who are self-motivated and work well independently which just an occasional need for direction, guidance, or healing. 


One-On-One Programs

The programs. are designed for the individual that would like to fast track deep change in every aspect of their life. They are designed to be done in 30, 60 or 90 days with the flexibility to spread it out more should there be a need for you to take more time to acclimate as we move through the work. Each phase also comes with sound healing tools to support and accelerate your growth. 


Ready For Total Change?

If you are ready to turn the world you knew upside down and step into your potency and possibility and sour on your spiritual gifts I have a 30, 60, and 90-day program for you to choose from. The programs incorporate some of the elements from the Paqo Kuna Traditions of Peru to help attune you to your divine blueprint and remove the imprints and flows of energy that may be creating sticking points showing up in your life. 

What is possible for you and the world if you were to start showing up, and being the 100% authentic you? What gift could you be to yourself and the world? What contribution could I be to your healing journey? 

Jump Start

Blast Off

Beyond Being

Programs to fit your goals

This one-on-one coaching program is good for individuals as well as holistic entrepreneurs desiring to take their life and or business to the next level. 

The programs are designed to be flexible, however, it is recommended that when you start that we meet weekly and as time goes on the appointments will be spread out to every other week. 

This is more than a coaching program, it is a program of change, transformation, actualization, and healing. I heavily incorporate the blueprint used in the Nature Mystic tradition of the Q’ero Indians of Peru. We follow a process of inner work and alchemy and discover how you can be in the world but not of it, able to manifest divinity into the physical plane. 

All programs 

The optional add ons bring in my college Dr. Adriana Krywiak of Integrated health Management. More can be discussed during your discovery call about how the combination of both programs can support change, especially with the physical body. 

Program Breakdowns

Blue Print Ceremonies

In the Q’ero tradition, there is the belief that to descend into the physical realm, your perfected blueprint must be held outside of this reality. It is believed that the female and masculine nature spirit of your birthplace hold this for you. 

This ceremony energetically re-connects you with these important nature spirits to re-imprint you the blueprint of the perfected you.

This helps to create resonance through the rest of the program to help you step into your personal power. 

These become some of the most important nature spirits to develop a relationship with as you look to refine and express your Katari (your unique voice and medicine gift in this world)

Story Telling Session

In combination with energy work, we go through your story, stopping throughout to reframe things, shift heaviness, and sow seeds of change. 

Depending on what comes up, additional things such as soul retrieval, cord cutting, energy reversals, and other things may be addressed. If more than 3 hours are needed to get through everything an additional session may be required. 

Ideally, by the end, the charge will be completely removed from the story, and you will be well on your way to release the charge held in cellular memory. 

Soul Retrieval Journey

Opening sacred space, Hank will lead you on a journey deep within Pachamama (Mother Earth) It is believed in the Paqo Tradition that when there is a soul fragmentation that soul piece is cared for by the mother. 

In this ceremony, we find all of our soul pieces and re-integrate them so that we can step into wholeness. There are optional but recommended exercises where you will go to a cave and repeat the process on your own in the womb of the mother. 

At the end of this process you start to work more with the nature spirits of your birth place, as well as mother earth and the sun. 


Flowering Ceremony

It is said that within you you have a seed of divinity. We call this the Muhu Qoya where you have the potential to develop yourself as a king or a queen. 

Through a process, we open up the energy centers that connected you to the elements and use these flows of energy to help germinate that seed within, and allowing it to flower out of your crown. 

It is believed we refine our inner light to draw to us the royal hummingbird to drink from our sector or our unique medicine gifts. The hummingbird in this tradition represents our connection to the creator’s energy. 

Hank was called to working with crystals, specifically crystal skulls to help with healing and information exchanges. He has over 60 different skulls all having unique abilities and information to help add potency to the healing journey. 

Ancestral Healing Ceremony

In this ceremony, we do a special despacho honoring the ancestors, and offering them the healing they require to elevate them to a place where they can be companions that offer us contributions on our spiritual path. 

We also address any ancestral entities that need processing, clear bio-memetric mimicry, and use DNA forks to help activate your suppressed energies and gifts. 

Optionally, there is a process available where you will hold a ceremony rooted in American folk magic, to clear you of any energetic ties to the past, and allow you a clear connection to the Hatan Uma (the higher self aspects) of your family lines. 

Soul Star Ceremony

It is believed in the Peruvian tradition that when you are born, the moment your head crowns, you receive the essence of who you are from your soul star. This is the part of you that exists that has never been wounded and has no need to heal. It is in a sense the perfected you. 

This is a two-part process. Part one is done as a healing session, clearing anything that would prevent the essence of your higher self from imprinting and taking root in the body. The initial connection between the would star, and your divine seed is made.

The second part is given as homework to do on your own doing a ceremony at night to connect and drink in the energy of your star. 

As you continue to nurture and cater to this energy you can exponentially fast track your ability to express your medicine gifts in this world in ways that will bring abundance and possibility for you, and those around you. 

Individual Sessions

No matter the program, the first 3 months we meet weekly. Sessions include a combination of coaching, healing, ceremony and sound therapy. 

All sessions are recorded and made available to you to refer back to if needed. 

Every session will also have “Home Play” exercises you can do on your own to further anchor and integrate the changes. 

There may also be techniques taught as things come up to further develop your skill sets to have tools when you need them as you continue to create consciously and strive to express your unique voice in this world.  

Pre-Recorded Exercises

There is a library of exercises and the relevant ones will be made available to you throughout the program. 

Some include techniques from the Peruvian tradition, others from my training with Lily Dale, or other modalities. 

These tools are for personal development. If you work with clients, you will find that they can easily be used to help you empower others. 

If an exercise is needed that is not created yet one will be recorded for you and added to the library. 

Sound Tools

Everything is vibration. Sound tools are an amazing asset to be able to create lasting dynamic change in your life. 

In the 3 month program, you receive a crystal and crystal tuner which is a small tuning fork, as well as a weighted  OM tuning fork and a set know as the perfect fifth.

You will also receive pre-recorded training video’s on how to use the forks. 

For the 6 month program, you rest of the solar harmonic spectrum

The 12-month program includes a Solffegio set as well as the Fibonacci upgrade to the Solar Harmonic set. 

While in the program you can order any other forks at practitioner pricing. 

Support between sessions

Depending on your program, you receive e-mail, text, or even phone support in-between sessions.

This helps you to refine the tools provided in the sessions and build confidence in your ability to use them. 

Some things provided in these interactions will be re-framing, dynamic customized clearing tools, and energy/mesa work. 

Are you ready to invest in you?

In 2008 my entire life changed when one of my mentors Neale Donald Walsh looked me in the eye after signing my book and said “If not you… who?  If not now… when.  It was in that moment that I started to commit to a life of service and to help people heal and reach their potential by discovering and expressing their unique voice in this world. There is no time like the present! Commit to yourself and to a new world of possibilities. 

Still not sure? Do you need a special program designed for your specific set of circumstances? Book a discovery call today and ask your questions.