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Rocket Start Program

Whats Included

Access to my shadlow integration workbook as well as an mp3 of a live class to help you prepare for our ongoing work. 

After completing the AS I FORGIVE ME workbook, we dive into your story looking for themes and opportunties to reframe and ingetrate the totality of you.

Walking you through a special ceremony, you build a despacho (offering) to connect with the nature spirits of your birthplace. 

These spirits hold the blue print for the “pefect” you. honoring these spirits you re-impint yourself with your unlimited potential to help fast track your healing journey. 

Gain access to content that can help support you every step of the way, as often as you need to reference it. For the 30-day program, you will have access to

Father’s Rain – An upper-world cleansing technique

Mothers Milk – a technique of gifting and receiving from the earth (Empath dialysis)

Morning and evening routines to help build momentum during the program. 

In addition to the specialized sessions, you receive 3 one hour sessions, or we can meet for 30-minute sessions but more frequently, depending on your needs. 

These sessions could focus on additional healing work like soul retrieval, Teaching other techniques, or facilitating what is coming up for you through the process. 

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What's Next?

Once you book your program, you receive a unique certificate code that you will use each time you schedule one of your sessions. We could also plan out all the sessions on our initial discovery call. The goal is to complete all of the sessions in 30 days; the package, however is valid for 60 days to be flexible. You can add on the next level of support at any time or commit to a 90-day program upfront and receive three 30-minute bonus sessions. 

For those who complete at least a 30-day option, a monthly accountability/clearing session is also available, in addition to getting access to ongoing recorded content from non-public live streams, sound baths, and more.

Not sure what is right for you?

Not sure which investment is the right fit for you, or do you feel you need something customzied for your needs? Book a Being You Breakthrough Discovery call today, and let’s connect to customize the prefect plan for you!