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Local Events

If you are local to the Cleveland area there is a wide variety of events happening at Hank’s center Emergence of Being. You can find experiences not just from Hank, but from the network of contributors all dedicated to helping you uncover and express your unique voice in this world. Click here to discover an endless sea of possibilities!

Shaman Apprenticeship

I am trained in the Katari tradition of cross-cultural shamanism by don Zane Curfman, author of Inka Mountain Magic. 

I host an apprenticeship program every year with my teacher. I also work one on one with students who wish to learn from me directly. With the impact of COVID we have moved to a virtual format for much of the work. We still host in-person retreats every year in various locations throughout the country to do the in-person work that could not be adapted for online teaching. 

I developed my one-on-one coaching program by incorporating the process of alchemy that is held in the tradition which is perfect for those that want personal development without stepping into the role of a Paqo. 

A.S. I. F.O.R.G.I.V.E. M.E.

In this interactive workshop participants are taken on an inward journey to discover all the heaviness that is holding them back from stepping into their unlimited potential and possiblity. 

The name of the class is an acronym with each letter representing a metaphysical step in helping to identify our boulders, Lossen their hold on us, and transmute them into positive expression. 

This is offered as a facilitated group experience on request, and on the solstices taking advantage of the seasonal energies. 

This will also be offered as a Self-Healing Resource with videos bringing you through each of the exercises. It will be available soon at

No Limit Healing

If 100 people have the same problem showing up in their lives, they all arrived to that place through a different path. This means that each of the 100 people may require a different process to unwind the energy causing the issue. 

This means healing is an art. It is not tools, it is not techniques. It is a dance and interaction between healer and client that simply holds space for them to step into their own healing and a new possibility. 

This course series goes over the foundation on how to hold space for your client, and how to meet them where they are at to make the healing they bring with them more accessible. 

Sometimes you need to play heavy metal before someone is ready for Mozart. It is the process of walking with the client on their journey of transformation and healing. 


Sound Healing

No matter the modality sound tools can be great contributions to someone’s journey. 

There are hundreds of different frequencies each catering to different themes that support the body, being, and beyond. 

In this class series, the fundamental of sound healing is taught and then Hank takes a deep dive into individual sets and forks covering all their nitches. 

The end goal is to NOT teach you a protocol. The target is to empower you to trust your own knowledge and create energetic artistry unique for each client. 

The Master Mixer Course

Aromatherapy like sound healing is something that Hank considers a bridging modality. With research and studies anchored in science, there are documented effects of many of the oils. There is also an intuitive component and much like sound healing mixing blends becomes an artform. 

In this one day workshop, you learn all the ins and outs of making oils and are provided with a workbook, oils, and all the lab supplies needed to start doing your own blends with confidence. 

The newly added “magic box” section in the manual adds the magical components for the oils for use in traditions like American Folk Magic. 

It is the teacher, not the topic!

"Teachers are a dime a dozen. There are hundreds of types of healing classes that are valid modalities. What is not a dime a dozen is the uniqueness of each teacher. Choose someone that resonates with you. Choose someone that inspires you to choose more. Choose someone that is not afraid if you become more successful then them. It is the space your teacher holds for you to step into your unique medicine to offer the world that makes the biggest difference in your life."
Hank Setala
The Sonic Shaman