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Changing you change the world

By Hank Setala

Every choice you make changes you and changes the world. We are in a constant state of flux and change. The problem is most of us are making choices out of reaction or unconsciousness. If we are operating in this way what does that mean for the earth, and to all the people whose lives we touch?

The more important question, how can we start making choices in awareness and when we make that choice how can we be sure we are making a choice that is not only going to be a contribution to us and our life but also to the earth and all our fellow travelers.

To make choices in awareness is simply getting to space where you are no longer on autopilot. Have you ever heard adults say that the older you get the faster time seems to go? My observation with this for many people is that the older you get, the more routine you have, the more of your life you turn over to the autopilot.

Time seems faster because consciously we are not showing up for our whole experience. In this space while on autopilot and not living in full consciousness we have a tendency to react instead of respond. Then in moments of awareness look back and analyze our action asking ourselves “Why did I do or say that… that’s not me”

There are many ways to achieve living a more conscious life. For myself, I did a daily meditation practice for years, which helped me to stay in the moment and choose instead of reacting. Doing a practice like this long enough your entire life begins to take on a meditative quality putting you in the space of responding and choosing instead of reacting.

There are tools as simple as setting an alarm or reminder on your phone every hour, to remind yourself to be aware of as many things as possible. There are also healing processes modalities such as IET, Access Consciousness, or even Reiki that address this on various levels from energetic to mental and even spiritual.

Once you are in the space of being present for more and more of your day, then the question becomes what choices can you make that will continue to create more possibility and more contribution for your life.

The tool for this is a simple method of getting into a binary dialog with the universe. In my shamanic tradition I practice from the Qero of Peru it would be called Hutcha and Sami (heavy and light). There is not a point of view that these things are good or bad. The experience of heavy and light is relative to where you are and is a matter of perspective.

You would simply ask “If I choose this, how does it make me feel” Things were chosen that has light energy to them create more lightness in your life. If you cannot quite get an answer you can put a time element in it. “If I choose this now, 6 months from now, how do I feel”

If you still have trouble you can use a tool like muscle testing or a pendulum to get your answer. It may be good to also do meditations or take classes to help you access your own knowing. You are after all your own greatest resource when it comes to knowing what is right for you. Facilitation sessions with an Access practitioner is also a great way to potentially fast track your ability to access your own knowing by dealing with the beliefs in place creating the limitation of your block.

Finally to take this to a level that is also going to create change for the world you would also ask, “If I make this choice is it light for the Earth.” Imagine a world where everyone would only choose what was light for them and light for the earth. What a world we would live in!

Another way to ask about choice in a way that always creates more possibility and contribution for everyone would be to ask “Will it help everyone, or will it hurt anyone?” Asking this question would result in choices that only create lightness, and never creating at the expense of another.

For me Access Bars gave me the most tools to create the most change in a very short period of time. The trick though no matter what you choose to create change in your life is to show up for your life. living every moment knowing that you are always in the ever-present moment of now. In that space, you achieve this level of concurrency that you can create in unlimited possibilities.

We are always offering classes at the Holistic Center where I see clients. Check out what is offered and choose what is light for you. Whatever you do start choosing! Get out of the routine of existing and start living. Once you start to live, then you can soar and the possibilities are endless.