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Goddess Elite

I have been doing readings out of the store since 2010. I’m available in store every Thursday from 1:00 pm-7:00 pm, The last Sunday of the month, and other days by appointment. 

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Tree of Life Readings

A 10-card Tarot reading reveals the energy of the soul and the alchemy to manifest that energy in your reality. 

Optional add-on for energy clearing relative to each card.

Energy Healing

A Blending of different healing modalities catered to your unique needs. Shamanism, Sound Healing, Reiki, Lomi Lomi and more. 

Life Coaching

Life coaching sessions incorporating tools from NLP, Access Consciousness, and more. 

Crystal Skull Empowerments

Pick a skull from the store, and it can be included as part of a monthly new or full moon ceremony including empowerment from my skulls who have sat with some of the ancient skulls like Max the Crystal Skull.


This 15-16 card spread is ideal for a life question that requires a deeper look into the energies at play. 

Private Events

Book me for a private personalized ceremony, group event, or a reading and healing party. Book a discovery call to discuss your needs and requirements. 


“Amazing experience at this dental clinic! The service is always quick and the staff are so kind and attentive!”

- Allie Grater

“The dentists at this clinic are top-notch! I’ve had problems with my teeth my whole life, but they examined my mouth and devised a plan to give me a beautiful smile that I feel confident with!”

- Lucia Denton

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Not sure what is right for you? Booking a Tree of Life reading is a great place to start and get the information and direction of what your soul most desires you to know. You can also book a discovery call if you still have questions. Use the code ELITE for a special price courtsy of Goddess Elite